“India’s education and skilling ecosystem is witnessing one of the biggest ever progressive transformations in the form of vision paved by the new education policy and Daksh-Gurukul IITG is an initiative in this regard.” read a statement from the release. Additionally, the discussion highlighted the flexibility of credit transfer paved by the New Education Policy, which allows students to smoothly transfer the credits to degree programs to meet the demand for skilled professionals in new-age technologies subject to the external credits being recognized by the parent university.Speaking on the occasion, Dr. B Kalyan Chaudhary, Principal Secretary, Skill Development, Government of Assam said “Transformative programs offered under Daksh Gurukul-IITG holds immense potential in democratizing the excellence of IIT education for masses and equipping them with the necessary skills in today’s evolving job market. The credit linkage flexibility of these programs ensures that every student’s learning is duly recognized, without imposing any extra burden. I am certain that the partnership will benefit the students of Assam immensely setting a precedence for smooth nationwide adoption of National Education Policy (NEP)”.

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